Welcome and discover the groups you can join. You will be a blessing to others, and others will be a blessing to you.
  • Image of Missions
    Missions Image of Missions

    Be part and share Jesus with others. Join the group guided by the Holy Spirit to share about Jesus.

  • Image of Community Service
    Community Service Image of Community Service

    If you like to serve and help, then you belong here.

  • Image of Youth
    Youth Image of Youth

    You belong here if you are young and willing to serve the Lord.

  • Image of Adventurer
    Adventurer Image of Adventurer

    For children age 4-9. Something your child will like and have fun.

  • Image of Pathfinder
    Pathfinder Image of Pathfinder

    Juniors and teenagers age 10-15. Find out all you can do and become under God's lidership.

  • Image of Family Ministry
    Family Ministry Image of Family Ministry

    Your family is a ministry to take care. Join the conversation and get the resources available.